When they create a new product, our designers are taking into consideration three essential coordinates for the people at any age: energy, relaxation, style.
Energy - the engine that makes us move every day; we need it in the morning, when we start a new day and we want to transform it in a success. Relaxation - the tranquility we desire in the evening, after a full day, once we recur to the familial comfort. Style - the expression of the domestic elegance, the harmonious combination between the technology and design brought in your own house.

The design of the Belform products is realized together with a designer-specialists team, working for the launching of new and original products, modern and practical in the same time, preferred and chosen by the final clients from a wide products offer. Belform executes a complete scale of products – simple bathtubs, sheet shower baths, hydro-massage tubs, mini-pools. All these products are realized only from acryl, a material that wins territory on the Romanian market too, with the disadvantage of the other raw materials used to fabricate the bathtubs (cast iron, stain, spun glass).
On this site you can find Belform products, depending on your preferences. Then, we will be waiting for you in our partners’ stores.